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Prior to completion of 42 credit hours

In your final semester


Kelsey Sims
Kelsey Sims
Office of Graduate Studies

Throughout these milestones, Kelsey will be answering your questions and reviewing your materials.

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Milestones for the first half of your program

For full policy see Requirements for the Educational Specialist Degree in the Graduate Catalog.

  • Supervisory Committee

    Form: Appt. of Supervisory Committee

    Prior to the completion of 42 credit hours, establish a committee consisting of at least three graduate faculty by submitting this form to Graduate Studies.

    If any changes to the committee are made after this form is submitted to Graduate Studies, the advisor must notify the Coordinator in writing.

  • Program of Studies

    Form: Program of Studies

    During the same term in which the Supervisory Committee is established, submit the completed Program of Studies form (with supervisory committee chair's signature) to Graduate Studies.

    The Ed.S. degree requires a minimum of 66 total credit hours. At the time of the filing of the Program of Studies, there should be at least 24 hours remaining to be taken.

    After the Program of Studies has been filed in Graduate Studies, any changes are submitted in writing. A "Request for Change of Program" form is available from Graduate Studies, or a memo may be submitted by the student's advisor to the Coordinator outlining the additions, deletions, or substitutions.

Milestones for your final semester

  • Application for Graduation

    The online Graduation Application form will be available to you in MyRED at the start of each term, once Graduate Studies has received and processed your Program.

    Due by date TBD. In summer this is earlier than the Registrar's deadline.

    If you do not apply to graduate, a diploma will not be ordered for you and your graduation date will be postponed.

  • Written Comprehensive Exam

    The Supervisory Committee develops the examination and determines its nature and duration. It is is administered when the program is substantially complete.

    Results are reported to Graduate Studies on the Final Report Form. All comprehensive examinations, either passed or failed, must be reported to Graduate Studies at least ten days before graduation.

  • Final Report, Incomplete Grades

    Form: Final Report for the Ed.S.

    Due in Graduate Studies at least 14 days before graduation. All information and signatures should be complete at that time except the Graduate Studies signature.

    All Incomplete Grades listed on the Program (except dissertation 999) must be removed with satisfactory grades to satisfy degree requirements.