Academic Integrity Pledge


Academic integrity is an important part of being a scholar at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; we are committed to the highest level of academic integrity among our faculty and students. In 2010, we began asking graduate students to take this academic integrity pledge. Please remember this pledge as you conduct research, write papers and teach during your career as a scholar.

As a scholar at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a member of the academic community, it is my responsibility to conduct the whole of myacademic career with unwavering integrity.

I do this because I value integrity and because the entire scholarly enterprise is balanced on the assumption that we can trust one another.

Therefore, I pledge to act with academic integrity by:

  • Identifying the source of the ideas or words or images that I borrow. 
  • Accurately and fully describing the methods and results of my research.
  • Creating original work that is an honest representation of my own ideas and research.
  • Protecting the rights of the participants in my studies. 
  • Dealing honestly with the content of my courses and fairly with the students in my care. 
  • Discussing academic integrity and clearly stating expectations of my students.
  • Expecting the same level of honesty and integrity in myself that I expect of my students.
  • Becoming familiar with types of plagiarism and accurately using my discipline’s reference guidelines.
  • Conducting the whole of my academic career with unwavering integrity.

When I have concerns about academic integrity, I will talk with a trusted faculty member and if necessary, use established procedures to address the issue.

Learn more about academic integrity at the Graduate Studies website.