Navigating Graduate School: Applying for Grants and Scholarships

The summer is full of possibilities as a graduate student. If you're not taking classes and find yourself with some "free" time, tackle that grant writing project or fellowship application that's been on your To Do List. With an investment of time and energy, you'll be able to produce a great application and increase the odds of receiving an award…

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Good Practices in Graduate Education: Managing Your Sources

As a graduate student, you read broadly in your discipline at the beginning of your career. When you move on to work on your research papers, a master's thesis, or your dissertation, you're reading deeply into your topic. No matter what stage of your graduate career, it pays to set up a Citation Management System (CMS)…

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Graduate Student Professional Development: Cultivating an Online Presence

Chances are you already have personal profiles with social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. As you continue through your graduate school career and prepare for the job market, you should be thinking about creating (or cleaning up) your online presence…

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Teaching Tip: Review and Update Last Semester’s Syllabus

You’ve just finished teaching a course—maybe for the first time—and you probably have a few things you’d change about the course before you teach it again. Don’t just set the syllabus aside! Make time now to revise the syllabus to reflect your experience…

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The Graduate Writer: Edit Long Sentences by Reducing Prepositions

Prepositions create links across your sentence and help define the relationships between phrases. Helpful prepositions include the words of, from, in, at, by, under, with, and to. When prepositions are used to excess they obscure meaning, make your sentences difficult to navigate, and sacrifice clarity…

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