In many disciplines, publishing is an important part of being a graduate student. Students who go on to secure tenure track faculty positions find that publishing is a vital part of achieving tenure.

Your undergraduate students come from a variety of different backgrounds, regions, secondary school experiences and belief systems. These are just a few factors that contribute to the prior knowledge in your classroom.

The Muddiest Point efficiently provides instructors with timely student feedback. While students may shy from raising their hands and to ask questions, they tend to see the Muddiest Point as unobtrusive.

Graduate students need to be able to present their material at times or give talks as needed.

How can a course syllabus help students learn, facilitate the development of higher-level thinking abilities, and prepare them for continued studies in the field?

You may have heard this more than once as you prepared for graduate school: "It’s a job!" But it’s not that simple. Graduate school is more than a job. In graduate school you learn to be a professional in your field.

The first step to completing a research paper is finding the right topic. But sometimes that can also be the most difficult step. We gathered a few hints to help you in finding and developing a good research topic.

Every August, Graduate Teaching Assistants from across the University of Nebraska–Lincoln attend a day long workshop on teaching. Here are a few reasons you should consider attending this year: