Blogs You Should Be Reading

Published: Tues., January 8, 2019

In addition to UNL’s Graduate Connections blog, there are a number of great blogs out there for graduate students that can provide resources and support as you complete your program.

Inside Higher Ed’s GradHacker

Inside Higher Ed is one of the primary websites for news and information about higher education. The GradHacker blog, written by graduate students themselves, is updated multiple times a week with helpful advice for navigating the graduate school experience. Whether you’re trying to figure out applying to jobs, working on completing your thesis or dissertation, wanting to find more time for self-care, teaching, or navigating the process in general, GradHacker covers it all.

Tomorrow’s Professor

Tomorrow’s Professor is an email newsletter that collects the best about teaching, research, and the academic life and shares them twice a week. Over 60,000 people already subscribe to the emails. This is one of the easiest ways to read great blogs and articles published across the US and beyond. Featuring about 1700 articles, this is one of the largest collections of articles and ideas on the academic job market, teaching advice, and topics on higher education out there.

Thesis Whisperer

The Thesis Whisperer is a newspaper style blog focusing on the process of completing an PhD and writing a dissertation. Created and updated by a professor in Australia, this blog serves as a great resource on writing, presenting, and being productive. Focusing on everything from organizing your space, to selecting a topic, making productive use of your writing time, and getting your work published--this work has something for everyone.

Doctoral Writing SIG

Do you struggle with writing? Or maybe you are trying to support others who are working on dissertations, theses, or other writing projects. This blog provides a a wealth of ideas and resources to help you complete those projects. Recent articles have focused on using infographics in your writing and supporting writing for lab students.

Get a Life, PhD

As we talk about a lot on this blog, self-care is important. If you’re having trouble balancing work and life or finding time for self-care with your academic responsibilities, the Get a Life, PhD blog provides a great collection of time management and self-care strategies for the busy academic. Recent articles focused on finding time for exercise, planning your writing time, and taking advantage of work trips.

From the Lab Bench

If you’re in a science discipline, you might find the From the Lab Bench blog interesting. Focusing on science communication, social media and related topics, this blog offers a STEM perspective on your work.

From PhD to Life

Thinking about a career outside academia? From PhD to Life is a good resource on understanding the process of finding and applying for non-academic jobs. It was last updated in 2017, but there are over 21 pages of articles to browse. Featuring Q and As and advice on making the non-academic switch for PhDs, this blog may help you navigate this transition. If you have questions on finding non-academic jobs, you can also reach out to our consultants at