Celebrating 2020 Teaching and Service Accomplishments

Published: Tues., Dec 15, 2020

As the year draws to a close we wanted to celebrate some of the accomplishments of our talented graduate students. We know that many more students have accomplished great things this semester and we are excited to acknowledge the work of all of these students and the others that may not be listed here.

Teaching Awards and Accomplishments

Several students were awarded CIRTL@Nebraska Associate Certifications:

  • Mitham Al-Faliti (Civil Engineering)
  • Soodabeh Azadehranjbar (Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics) Brandi Brown (Biological Systems Engineering)
  • James Butler (Architectural Engineering)
  • Long Chen (Biological Systems Engineering)
  • Evan Curtis (Biological Systems Engineering)
  • MohD'eslam Dahdolan (Architectural Engineering)
  • Thompson Delon (Civil Engineering)
  • Anu Fasanmi (Chemistry)
  • Mohammad Mazharul Islam (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
  • Siavash Jafarzadeh (Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics)
  • Soon Kiat Lau (Biological Systems Engineering)
  • Chuyang Liu (Civil Engineering)
  • Flavia Mendonca de Furtado (Civil Engineering)
  • Sam Moayedi (Architectural Engineering)
  • Nasrin Naderi (Environmental Engineering)
  • Shuaiqi Shen (Engineering)
  • Haipeng Zhang (Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics)

CIRTL (Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning) is a consortium of about 40 doctoral-granting institutions that work to support teaching by helping prepare the next generation of faculty. This certification provides a way for graduate students and postdocs to demonstrate their commitment to teaching and to continue to build on their teaching skills. To earn this certification, all students completed a teaching course or learning community and four additional teaching workshops or other trainings, submitted a teaching philosophy, and either observed two instructors on campus or were observed teaching. Contact Lisa Rohde if you are interested in learning more about this program.

The following students completed the College of Engineering Graduate Student Fellows program:

  • MohdEslam Dahdolan
  • Sam Moayedi
  • Brandi Brown
  • Long Chen
  • Mohammad Mazharul Islam
  • Chen Fang
  • Mitham Al-Faliti
  • Thompson Delon
  • Flavia Furtado De Mendonca
  • Chuyang Liu
  • Nasrin Naderi-Beni
  • Evan Curtis
  • Sara El Alaoui
  • Shuaiqi Shen
  • Siavash Jafarzadeh
  • Haipeng Zhang
  • Soodabeh Azadehranjbar

Ashley Woolfork (PhD in Chemistry) was awarded the 2019-2020 Department of Chemistry Graduate Teaching Assistant Award.

Mohammad Mazharul Islam (PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) co-facilitated the Transforming your Research into Teaching course in the Summer 2020 along with Dr. Lisa Rohde for the CIRTL Network.

Mentoring work

Many students mentored undergraduates or other students in their department. Here are some examples.

Siya Kunde (PhD in Computer Science and Engineering) served a mentor to three undergraduate students in the past academic year, with one of these students submitting a paper as a co-author to the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction.

Mohammad Mazharul Islam (PhD in Chemical Engineering ) mentored two Chemical Engineering undergraduate students, Leila Ba and Andrea Goertzen, on their UCARE research.

Ashley Woolfork (PhD in Chemistry) mentored students for the Summer REU experience in her department.

Service to the University

Mamun Sarker (PhD in Chemistry) acted as judge for summer REU poster presentations. He also worked as president of Bangladesh Student Association at UNL.

Allison Kleffner (PhD in Statistics) served as a Statistics Graduate Student Officer, mentored new teaching assistants within department and organized and led Ph.D. qualifying examination workshop.

Andrea Johnson (PhD in Sociology) served as President of Nebraska Association of Sociology Graduate Students (NASGS). Andrea (Andy) started her position as NASGS president in the first months of the pandemic and rose to the challenge of these unprecedented times with aplomb. Andy consistently goes above and beyond the work expected of NASGS president. When isolated from each other by the pandemic, she worked tirelessly to ensure grad students felt connected and supported. When graduate students issued a call for racial justice, she threw her full weight behind it, organizing and attending dozens of additional meetings to ensure grad student voices were heard. For all the ways she supports her fellow sociology grad students, Andy deserves accolades and celebration!

Sheree Moser (PhD in CYFS) served on the 2019-2020 CYAF Undergraduate Curriculum Chair and CYAF representative on College Curriculum Committee and the 2019-2020 CEHS Future Teacher Scholars Advisory Board.

Service to the Local Community

Anna Headlee (MCRP in Community and Regional Planning) worked on a flood mitigation planning community service to Brownville, NE.

Lenora Allen, Muath Aluijary, Kelechi Chibuikem, Jason Cyboron, Andrew Eckerson, Mohamed Gibriel, RaeAnna Hartsgrove, Denni Mitchell, Sunah Moon, and Mariah Tobin (MCRP in Community and Regional Planning) worked on flood mitigation planning for Winslow, NE.

Ashley Woolfork (PhD in Chemistry) volunteers for the Cat House.

Falah Rashoka (PhD In Nutrition and Health Sciences) volunteers with New American Task Force (NATS) which is part of City of Lincoln and mayor office to create a road map for high skilled refugees and immigrants to be able to get back to their professional work.

Service to their Professional Community

Heidi Jo Bartlett, Taylor Hamblin, Justin Andersson, Olivia Kennedy, Elizabeth Svoboda, Donger Liu, Amy Zachek, and Sarah Garvey (PhD in CEHS) all served on the Nebraska Educator Journal Editorial Board and pulled off publishing a 2020 journal edition this fall, after lots of hard work over the summer and fall seasons. Kudos especially accomplishing this during the pandemic time!

Siya Kunde (PhD in Computer Science and Engineering) served as chair for the Doctoral Consortium (HRI Pioneers) at the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. Reviewer for ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction.

Mohammad Mazharul Islam (PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering ) worked as a reviewer for the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, Basel, Switzerland.

Sheree Moser (PhD in CYFS) did a podcast interview for a Family and Consumer Science Education websitefocused on “Mentoring New FCS Ed Students. She also served as the Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers of Nebraska webmaster (2019-2020), the Nebraska Association of Family and Consumer Sciences UNL Student Unit Chair (2019-2020), and the Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America district STAR judges for district and state leadership conferences (2019-2020).