Navigating Graduate School

Being Productive

To be productive in graduate school is to be successful. For many, maintaining productivity is easier said than done, so we offer a few suggestions gleaned from GradHacker, a blog hosted at

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Problem Solving

Despite your best intentions and thorough planning, complications arise: advisors leave, research stalls, bureaucracy slows you down, etc. It's easy to become discouraged by roadblocks, but in these instances you can draw on your problem solving skills and embrace flexibility.

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Good Practices in Graduate Education: Grading with Integrity

Student evaluation (assigning grades) is a fundamental part of education. After learning objectives have been established, grading assignments and exams is meant to determine how well each student meets the objectives. Because grades are so common in education, very little thought is given to grading integrity…
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Graduate Student Professional Development

Global Learning in the Classroom

Graduate Admissions received 2,453 applications from international students, representing 110 countries. An international climate exists in many of UNL's classrooms—students need to have an opportunity to learn with and from others (not just about others). This article helps you establish a welcoming culture in the classroom and a satisfying academic experience for all involved…
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Advice for the Defense

For many graduate students, one of the final requirements of a degree program is an oral defense of a dissertation or thesis…View it as an opportunity to show all you've learned the last several years…
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How to Run a Lab Efficiently

Learning how to direct and motivate people is just as crucial as understanding experiments or perfecting techniques. To reach the overarching goals of your lab, it's helpful to understand how to motivate each individual researcher…
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Teaching Tip: Lecture Hints

The lecture is by far the most commonly-used teaching technique, but it doesn't need to be just a list of facts or a recap of the textbook…
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The Graduate Writer: Writing a Cover Letter for a Job App

If you're approaching the last few semesters of your degree program, you might be seriously looking for a job to get you started in your chosen career path. Your goal is to get a job, but first you need an interview! Your cover letter is your best chance to get on the short list to be invited to interview for the job. How do you write a cover letter that will get you an interview?…
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