MERLOT: A teaching and learning repository


November 2009

MERLOT ( is a user-centered, searchable collection of higher education online learning materials, catalogued by registered members. MERLOT's strategic goal is to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning by increasing the quantity and quality of peer reviewed online learning materials that can be easily incorporated into faculty designed courses.

The MERLOT repository contains learning materials categorized into 14 different learning material types (described in more detail at the MERLOT Web site): simulation, animation, tutorial, drill and practice, quiz/test, lecture/presentation, case study, collection, reference material, learning object repository, workshop and training material, 3D learning object and open textbook.

Materials are organized into 18 discipline communities: biology, business, chemistry, criminal justice, engineering, English, faculty development, health science, history, information technology, library and information services, mathematics, music, physics, psychology, statistics, teacher education and world languages.

Many materials in MERLOT have assignments and comments attached to them. Assignments are projects, papers, or activities that can be part of the coursework for a class. They are linked to a learning module in MERLOT and may address only that learning objective or may involve other activities as well. Individuals who have used the module can post comments, and rate the module.

MERLOT members also can create personal collections of MERLOT modules for easy access to use for specific purposes, classes or topics.