Sweets for Chinese New Year
"Festive Snacks" by David Tan | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Tues., Feb. 10, 2015; by Xiaoqian (Annie) Ma

Winter's nearly over and spring's just around the corner. Grad Ambassador Xiaoqian (Annie) Ma writes about her favorite holiday that marks the change of seasons: Chinese New Year.
a quiet spot to sit and relax
"It's time to relax and unwind..." by Vinoth Chandar

Tues., Dec. 16, 2014; by Derrick White

Key to making the most of your break is figuring what will benefit you the most, whether that’s resting, working, or doing a combination of the two.
"Hot Tamales" by Adam Cohn

Tues., Dec. 9, 2014; by Adrian Lara

Adrian Lara shares two holiday events from Costa Rica: making tamales and watching the National Children’s Hospital light their tree.
fake glasses and nose disguise
"91/365 Happy April Fools Day!" by Mykl Roventine | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Tues., Dec. 2, 2014; by Stephanie Shipp

Grad Ambassador Stephanie Shipp shares what it's like to have impostor syndrome - and how to overcome it.
concept illustration of a person recharging as a battery
"Recharging" by Viktor Hertz

Tue., Sept. 23, 2014; by Jenny Beth Jorgensen

After focusing on your work all week, take time to recharge. Graduate Ambassador Jenny Beth Jorgensen offers tips on where to go and what to do around UNL and Lincoln.
Making goals and managing time
"London Time" by Doug88888 | flickr

Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014; by Derek Schardt

Ready for the new semester? Graduate Student Ambassador Derek Schardt reflects on what he’s learned about making the most of grad school.

Links of colorful paper rings
"Paper Chains" by stitchlily | flickr

Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014; by Christy Burger

Most students entering grad school probably don't think much about building and maintaining healthy relationships, but it's an important life skill that's vital in graduate school. Christy Burger, one of our Graduate Student Ambassadors, shares what has helped her build strong support relationships.
Eight Ways to Prepare for Comps

Most doctoral students at UNL have to complete a written comprehensive exam to enter candidacy, and in some departments the written exam may be followed by an oral exam. Here we present 8 ways to get ready for this important step in your academic career.
summer bike ride on a country road

You’ve handed in your last paper and graded your students’ final exams. With Spring semester behind you, you’re ready for summer. Three long months stretch ahead of you, full of promise. Take our advice and make your summer as productive as possible.

July 2013; by Neal Bryan

You'll occasionally have people talk about "Surviving Graduate School," but that doesn't reflect the possibilities and opportunities for growth.