"now hiring" in scrabble tiles
"Scrabble - Now Hiring" by Amtec photos | CC BY-SA 2.0

Tues., November 27

Whether you are looking for an internship or navigating the U.S. job market for work after you graduate, it can be a little confusing to figure out how to find work in the U.S. The first step should be knowing your resources and the regulations.
ITA participants 2016

Photo Courtesy of the Office of Graduate Studies

Tues., July 11, 2017

For international students, becoming a teaching assistant means not only learning how to teach, but also learning about a new classroom environment and overcoming language barriers. Since 1988, UNL has helped international students make this transition.
Downtown Lincoln skyline
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Tues., May 3, 2016; by Ramin Hosseinabad

Ramin is a Graduate Ambassador and PhD student in Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Originally from Iran, Ramin talks about his experience as an international student at UNL and how he’s made Lincoln his home.