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Tues., April 20, 2021

Having an effective mentor/mentee experience is reciprocal. It is just as important for you to be a good mentee as it is for your mentor to be supportive of you.
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Tues., Nov. 3, 2020, by Carmen Cano Roca

Many grad students mentor undergrads in their labs. Food Science and Technology graduate student Carmen Cano Roca shares her best advice for mentoring undergraduates.
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Tues., March 24, 2020

Having strong mentors is critical to your success in graduate school and beyond. Learn more about how to foster strong mentor relationships.
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Tues., September 18

In many fields in STEM, women are underrepresented in graduate school and beyond. A number of resources exist at both the institutional and national level to provide professional, financial, and emotional support to help women succeed in STEM fields.
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Tues., May 1, 2018

Your mentor and adviser will serve as one of the most important relationships during graduate school. Developing a positive, supportive relationship with your adviser requires thinking about how you can communicate most effectively with your adviser. Here are some tips to make sure you have a good relationship with your adviser or mentor.
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Tues., April 14, 2015; by Grace Troupe

Graduate school comes with a new set of rules. Learn how to navigate the terrain, meet expectations, and excel as a graduate student.
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Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014 by Elisha Hall

Graduate school offers many opportunities to connect with faculty and experts in your field. Perhaps the most vital of those connections is your faculty mentor.

An effective mentoring relationship passes through phases of development. Early on, your mentor will recognize your unique qualities and your need for special coaching.

The following address, delivered by Dr. Azzeddine Azzam, professor of agricultural economics, at UNL’s May 2008 doctoral commencement & hooding ceremony, speaks to the important relationship betwen a student and her or his mentor.

Do you remember your first semester as a graduate student? Or are you there right now? Most new graduate students soon find that they are expected to be more independent in their programs than they were as undergraduates.