Navigating Graduate School

A major fellowship can be a critical funding resource, especially if your research requires money for travel, equipment or supplies, and time to collect data and write. Applying for competitive fellowships takes time, energy, and organization. This article will help you get started.

You’ve received a job offer from an academic institution—well done! The final step in securing an academic position, like any job, is negotiating the terms of your contract.

Across the disciplines, collaboration and interdisciplinary work is growing. As teamwork in scholarship increases, it’s important to establish good practices for collaboration.

When you think of a steward, you might imagine someone in a manor who ensures the household runs smoothly, the tenants are cared for, and the buildings are kept in good repair with an eye toward preserving the enterprise for generations to come.

Success in graduate school, whether in course work, research, or teaching does not happen in a vacuum.

While graduate study is unique to every student, there are many similarities in the timeline across programs and departments.

July 2013; by Neal Bryan

You'll occasionally have people talk about "Surviving Graduate School," but that doesn't reflect the possibilities and opportunities for growth.

Tara Kuther, Writing for About.Com

To become a more efficient reader, consider the SQ3R method (survey, question, read, recite, review) to help you retain more without having to reread so often.

Unless you simply stopped going to class, you probably have survived your first year of graduate school.