Professional Development

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Tues., February 9, 2021

There are many resources available to graduate students at UNL to support their professional development as teacher, scholars and professionals. Check out the many ways we can support you.
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Tues., Nov. 12, 2019

No matter where you are in your graduate career, now is the ideal time to create an Individual Development Plan.

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Tues., Oct. 1, 2019

Reflect on the work you’ve done as a graduate student: mastering course content, conducting research, preparing laboratory experiments or lectures, teaching classes, or writing papers, articles, or a dissertation. What skills have you developed as a result of these experiences that could be valuable in another setting? These skills – referred to as transferable skills – are those that you develop in one area that are useful across all professions and settings. This article will help you think about some of the technical and specialized transferable skills you’ve developed in graduate school.
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Tues., October 16

When UNL joined the Big Ten several years ago, we also became part of the Big Ten Academic Alliance. Learn how this group can help you succeed.
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Tues., November 15, 2016

The Office of Graduate Studies offers several awards and fellowships for graduate students. Learn about these opportunities and the best tips for preparing your applications.
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Tues., October 4, 2016

Whether you plan on pursuing an academic or nonacademic career, getting involved with organizations in your department, in your field, and in your community can help you prepare for your future career.
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Tues., September 6, 2016

Classes have begun and for many graduate students that means teaching, perhaps for the first time. Learning to teach well takes time and getting feedback on your teaching will help you continue to improve.
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Tues., April 5, 2016; by Adam Blood

Quickly and effectively relay information about an organization, a product, a process, or even your own credentials as a potential employee or contact.
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Tues., March 22, 2016

Follow this simple format to ensure you'll lead effective, efficient, results-oriented meetings.
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Tues., Jan.12, 2016

Systematically plan your career and professional development for the semester so you aren’t overwhelmed and don't waste your time.