Professional Development

Corwin Press, 2004
Miles Bryant

Clear and logical delivery of your ideas and scientific results is an important component of a successful scientific career.

It's that time of year again! Many of you are planning for an academic job search, writing cover letters, updating your CV, and preparing for the campus interview.

Socrates taught by asking questions, drawing out answers from his pupils to challenge the completeness and accuracy of their thinking. Here are the six types of questions Socrates posed:

The safety and well being of human research participants is taken very seriously at UNL. The Institutional Review Board, which is overseen by UNL’s Office of Research, handles approval of human research.

Knowing students’ names helps improve the classroom climate, but for many, learning a large number of names can be difficult and frustrating. But take heart!

As the semester draws to a close, think about how to make the final assignment you require of students a learning experience they can carry with them as they move on in their course of studies.

First impressions matter in most situations and especially in the classroom. As a TA, you might be concerned about your role as an authority figure.

One way to reach students early is to put in writing, and then discuss your course policies, requirements, tests and assignments with your students in class. If your syllabus is already written, use this checklist to test its adequacy.