Professional Development

In brief, here are some tips for TAs from Professor Jan Tullis at Brown University.
• Consult with your professor to define your duties.

In his September 28, 2009, post in Tomorrow’s Professor, Rick Reis presented Dr. Peter Biedler’s list of 10 characteristics that make a good teacher. Here we offer a brief summary of five of those qualities for our readers to reflect on.

Traveling to a research conference as a graduate student is expensive but priceless. To keep costs down, buy your airline ticket well in advance and try to share a hotel room with one or more of your colleagues.

The powerpoint presentation is ubiquitous, but just because everybody does it doesn’t mean everybody does it well. Here are some tips to help you save your audience from "death by PowerPoint."

At the conclusion of the semester, after you bid goodbye to your students and submit final grades, you receive the email. Student evaluations are now available. You’ve been waiting anxiously for them.

An important part of conducting research is understanding the existing literature in your field.

As the semester winds down, you may find yourself gearing up for final research papers and projects. This is a good time for a refresher on avoiding plagiarism and being an ethical writer.

As a graduate student, you’ll quickly become familiar with the informative abstract, an integral component of many of the things you’ll write in your academic career—journal articles, research grants, theses and disse