Classroom research suggests that, for any given day and assignment, only 20-30% of the students have completed the assigned course reading, which means instructors are often attempting to facilitate learning when the majority of students have not

Are you overwhelmed at the prospect of grading student papers and exams at the end of the term?

In brief, here are some tips for TAs from Professor Jan Tullis at Brown University.
• Consult with your professor to define your duties.

In his September 28, 2009, post in Tomorrow’s Professor, Rick Reis presented Dr. Peter Biedler’s list of 10 characteristics that make a good teacher. Here we offer a brief summary of five of those qualities for our readers to reflect on.

Rule 1: Emphasize the most critical concepts continuously. Reiterate these concepts in lectures and assignments throughout the course.

At the conclusion of the semester, after you bid goodbye to your students and submit final grades, you receive the email. Student evaluations are now available. You’ve been waiting anxiously for them.

This activity, based on the concept of speed dating, keeps students moving, awake, and engaged; gives them a chance to get familiar with each other’s ideas on a text or topic in a short time period; warms them up for more in-depth d

Assess and evaluate are words closely enough related to be used in defining each other. However, there are differences in educational assessment and evaluation processes.