On Writing Well by William Zinsser (Collins; 25th anniversary edition, 2001) should be a staple on any student’s bookshelf. And even if you have a stack of “how to write” books, Zinsser’s should be on top.

At the dissertation stage of your graduate program, a fellowship can be a critical resource, especially if your research requires money for travel, equipment, supplies, and time to collect data and write.

  1. Select a topic early in your doctoral program. 
  2. Ensure your topic is doable in one year. 
  3. Develop a clear statement of your research problem and solidify the scope of your project. 

Corwin Press, 2004
Miles Bryant

Research on graduate students' experiences with writing a thesis or dissertation suggests many students aren’t always sure what to expect when they begin the process. Dr.

You've spent the last year researching and writing an article you’re hoping to publish.

by Jan Allen, Associate Dean for Ph.D. Programs, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Columbia University (reprinted with permission)

One skill that can be critical to the success of a graduate student is the ability to publish. We collected the following tips from experienced faculty who have guided students successfully into the publishing world.