As the semester winds down, you may find yourself gearing up for final research papers and projects. This is a good time for a refresher on avoiding plagiarism and being an ethical writer.

As a graduate student, you’ll quickly become familiar with the informative abstract, an integral component of many of the things you’ll write in your academic career—journal articles, research grants, theses and disse

Building Good Writing Skills

The topic about which you may know most may be the hardest one about which to write: yourself. The biggest hurdle to overcome is the nagging, uncomfortable feeling that saying nice things about yourself somehow oversteps the bounds of humility.

In many disciplines, publishing is an important part of being a graduate student. Students who go on to secure tenure track faculty positions find that publishing is a vital part of achieving tenure.

The first step to completing a research paper is finding the right topic. But sometimes that can also be the most difficult step. We gathered a few hints to help you in finding and developing a good research topic.

Professionals, whether in academia or industry, often live or die by the pen.

Never calculate or use a statistical procedure you don’t fully understand. If you need a statistical procedure, and you don’t understand it, then you need to consult someone or learn how to do it properly.