No matter what you are writing, after you’ve finished your rough draft, you’re ready to begin the revision and editing process to tighten and clean up the manuscript. But do you understand the distinction between the two tasks?

The Modern Language Association recently recognized that a writer’s best original source for information sometimes may come from Twitter updates.

Writing about scientific or technical subject matter is tough enough– but reading about it is no walk in the park, either. As writers, we have an obligation to make the reading process as easy as possible for readers.

Whether writing a thesis, dissertation, an article for publication, the process itself can seem daunting.

Writing is often seen as a solitary venture. Even when you’re writing in a public place such as the library or a coffee shop, you aren’t interacting with others.

Prepositions create links across your sentence and help define the relationships between phrases.

As a graduate student, you read broadly in your discipline at the beginning of your career. When you move on to work on your research papers, a master's thesis, or your dissertation, you're reading deeply into your topic.

The summer is full of possibilities as a graduate student.