Taking Back the Classroom


Taking Back the Classroom: Tips for the College Professor on Becoming a More Effective Teacher (Delaney Kirk, 2005, Tiberius Publications) was developed from questions and issues raised at workshops on classroom management that the author has been teaching for a number of years. (Dr. Kirk will deliver the keynote address at the fall 2007 Campuswide Workshops for Teaching Assistants).

The Book Contains
  • suggestions and “war stories” from faculty at a number of colleges and universities
  • sample forms, rubrics, and contracts that you can adapt for use in your own classroom
  • specific questions and answers on class management topics in the Questions from Faculty sections
  • unique student perspectives on what makes good or bad teaching in the Comments from Students sections.

Topics Addressed

This book contains practical advice for all classroom instructors, from veteran professors to teaching assistants. You’ll find suggestions, advice and tips on a variety of topics, including:

  • choosing classroom policies and communicating these in the syllabus 
  • the importance of first impressions in order to create the desired class culture 
  • how to engage all your students – including students with physical or learning disabilities and international students – in the classroom. 
  • addressing a wide range of inappropriate classroom behaviors with the goal of fostering an ideal classroom environment 
  • creating and enforcing exam policies 
  • how to assign teams, build team skills, evaluate team participation, and handle complaints about team members 
  • how to handle issues of attendance, tardiness, participation, and getting feedback in large classes 
  • teaching online courses
What Others Say about Taking Back the Classroom:

"Dr. Kirk is a very accomplished expert in the area of classroom management who provides us with excellent, practical strategies for dealing with students.”
“I enjoyed the information on establishing your credibility and what to do on the first day of class.”
“Dr. Kirk’s use of examples from her own experiences and how she dealt with them were very good and informative.”
“She gives real life answers to real life problems.”

For more information, go to http://www.cbpa.drake.edu/kirk/classmanagement/