MyPLAN (My Personal Learning and Advising Network) is a campus-wide platform used for tracking student progress and facilitating student-instructor interactions at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Graduate instructors can manage appointments, learn more about their students, and promote communication between students and on-campus support services by referring students to the resources they need to succeed. 

Here’s an introduction, with hyperlinks to tutorial videos, to a few MyPLAN features. 

Learn your students’ names and faces before the first day of class by accessing their NUID photos on MyPLAN. By creating your own profile in MyPLAN, a student can also learn more about you and even search for you based on your research interests. 

Take advantage of MyPLAN's calendar (which syncs with Office 365) for all of your scheduling needs or only for scheduling office hours. Simply block off time for a one-time appointment or indicate that it’s a recurring block of time, like office hours. Students can only see the time you’ve allocated for student meetings (they can’t see other appointments), and they can sign up for an appointment. Depending on the length of appointments, you can set smaller blocks of time aside in your schedule in 15-minute increments. MyPLAN has the added feature of letting you schedule email reminders and send messages to your students about materials they should bring to the meeting.

Finally, to alert students and advisors to potential issues, you can flag students when their academic performance is not meeting expectations or when there is an attendance matter. Your student will receive an email letting them know of your concern. If a student receives three flags, in either your course or across courses, the student’s advisor will receive an email that there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Flags can be particularly helpful for issues like missed classes or issues related to time management. Also, if your student needs help outside of class and you aren’t sure what to do, you can click the “refer” button. The student will be contacted within 24 hours by UNL staff prepared to address the issue and this staff member will stay in touch with the student until the issue is resolved. You can also send your student a kudos message for a job well done. 

By communicating through MyPLAN, you work as part of a team to support undergraduate students at UNL.