The mission of the Office of Graduate Studies is to facilitate the development of excellent graduate students, faculty, staff and programs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

This mission is accomplished through the provision of expertise, resources, accountability and advocacy focused on ever-higher standards of intellectual and professional performance.  The university’s core values of excellence, discovery, learner-centered education, engagement, and diversity are integral to our vision for graduate education.  The Office of Graduate Studies is committed to recruit the very best graduate students who represent our pluralistic society and the world beyond, enhance the breadth of experiences that prepare graduate students academically and professionally, and facilitate academic policies that enhance the productivity of graduate students and their faculty mentors. 

Core Values

  1. Excellent graduate programs are built and maintained by rigorous and attentive faculty governance at the department or program level.
  2. The primary structure that creates excellent graduate education is the relationship between the graduate student and their faculty mentor(s).
  3. Graduate students develop best in a closely monitored environment in which the faculty provide both high expectations and high support.
  4. Excellent graduate programs are best developed and maintained when the Graduate Committee Chair, the Department Chair/Head, and the college Dean work in close partnership with the Office of Graduate Studies to lead graduate education.
  5. Graduate education flourishes best with well-trained and attentive department and college staff members who administratively support graduate students and faculty.
  6. Every employee in the Office of Graduate Studies plays an essential role in supporting excellent graduate education at Nebraska.  

Strategic Priorities

  1. Provide effective support for the recruitment of excellent students in all graduate majors.
  2. Provide effective programs that add value to the academic and professional development of graduate students.
  3. Provide effective leadership of graduate academic policies and initiatives.

Strategic Goals

  1. Support the recruitment of excellent students in all graduate majors.
  2. Develop efficient admissions procedures with emphasis on timely processing of applications, efficient use of resources, and outstanding customer service.
  3. Provide exemplary services and effective programs that add value to the academic and professional development of our graduate students and assist them in completing their academic programs in a timely manner.
  4. Provide administrative services to graduate students, faculty, and programs that are effective, efficient, and responsive to constituent needs, using state-of-the-art technologies appropriately applied to Graduate School processes and procedures.
  5. Nurture the development and delivery of high quality graduate programs, including certificate programs, accelerated master’s degrees, new interdisciplinary doctoral degree programs, and international collaborations.
  6. Enhance the postdoctoral experience by providing the information, resources, and networking opportunities to improve postdoctoral scholars’ current performance and career viability.
  7. Through our McNair Scholars Program, identify and prepare eligible students for graduate studies leading to the Ph.D. by providing research training and early scholarly experiences to selected high-achieving undergraduate.