Curriculum and Course Resources

Curriculum Changes

Requests for Curriculum Action are now processed in CIM.

Course Inventory Management (CIM)
  • If interested in proposing graduate curriculum action, first review the guidelines governing curriculum change in the program's home college.
  • Supporting documentation (syllabus, statement of justification, cross-listing memos) should be uploaded into the CIM system.
  • If designating the course for practice of the discipline status, use the appropriate course attribute and be sure that the justification and syllabus support the designation. See for the definition of practice of the discipline.

For more information contact Eva Bachman.

Reminders for 400/800

  • Proposals for 800-level courses that have a 400-level counterpart must include a sample syllabus clearly differentiating the work required of graduate students as opposed to undergraduate students uploaded in the CIM system.
  • 400/800-level courses need the approval of both the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the UNL Graduate Council (within the CIM system).