Official transcripts

What documents may be required

Official academic records include:

  • Transcripts and/or mark sheets showing the grades earned in each course.
  • A diploma or certificate of graduation. (Not required if the transcript includes the name of the degree and the date it was conferred.)
  • The Diploma Supplement, if the degree is Bologna-compliant.

Unofficial vs. official

Unofficial transcripts are uploaded as part of the application process.

Official transcripts are needed if you're offered admission and you want to enroll.

If the academic records are in a language other than English, Graduate Studies must receive both the original-language documents and a word-for-word English translation.

Handling of official documents

  1. Schools in China:
    • Degree certificates and transcripts – in Chinese and English – must be verified by the Center for Student Services and Development (CSSD, formerly CHESICC).
    • Graduate Studies will accept electronic verifications of these documents, which should be emailed to by CSSD. Any documents held by the student will not be considered verified.
  2. All other schools: Official academic records are mailed directly to Graduate Studies by the student's prior institution(s). The student has no direct contact with these documents.
    • Alternatively, if the institution does not mail documents directly to other institutions, documents may be given to the student in a sealed and stamped envelope, which the student delivers to the Office of Graduate Studies upon arrival in Lincoln. The student is not permitted to open the envelope.