Water Resources Planning and Management Courses

Examples of courses in water resources to comprise the 9-hour minor or specialization are listed below according to departments/programs. Course descriptions and prerequisites are contained in the appropriate departmental/program listings.

Courses may require technical prerequisites; check bulletin listings for details. Courses taught by an instructor in the student’s major department cannot be used as part of the nine-hours in the minor or specialization.

Offered in the Department of Agricultural Economics
AECN 856 Environmental Law
AECN 857 Water Law+

AECN 865 Resource & Environmental Economics II
Offered in the Department of Agronomy/Horticulture
AGRO 807 Plant-Water Relations+
AGRO 808 Microclimate: The Biological Environment+
AGRO 825 Turfgrass Science & Culture

AGRO 850 Climate & Society

AGRO 855 Soil Chemistry & Mineralogy
AGRO 872 Applied Soil Physics

AGRO 875 Water Quality Strategy+ (CIVE, CRPL, GEOL, MSYM, NRES, POLS, SOCI 875; SOIL, WATS 484)
AGRO 920 Xenobiotics in the Environment 

Offered in the School of Biological Sciences
BIOS 859 Limnology+
BIOS 885 Aquatic Insects
BIOS 889 Ichthyology
Offered by the Department of Biological Systems Engineering
AGEN 853 Irrigation and Drainage Systems Engineering+
AGEN 854 Irrigation Laboratory and Field Course
AGEN 953 Advanced Irrigation and Drainage Systems Engineering
AGEN 954 Watershed Modeling+
BSEN 855 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Engineering
BSEN 868 Wetlands
BSEN 879 Hydroclimatology
BSEN 957 Modeling Vadose Zone Hydrology+
MSYM 852 Irrigation Systems Management+
MSYM 855 Advanced Irrigation Management
Offered in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
CIVE 821 Hazardous Waste Management
CIVE 822 Pollution Prevention: Principles and Practices

CIVE 823 Physical/Chemical Treatment Processes in Environmental Engineering
CIVE 824 Solid Waste Management Engineering

CIVE 826 Design of Water Treatment Facilities

CIVE 827 Design of Wastewater Treatment & Disposal Facilities

CIVE 828 Environmental Engineering Chemistry

CIVE 829 Biological Waste Treatment

CIVE 830 Fundamentals of Water Quality Modeling+
CIVE 852 Water Resources Development+
CIVE 854 Hydraulic Engineering+

CIVE 855 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Engineering (BSEN 855)

CIVE 856 Surface Water Hydrology+
CIVE 858 Groundwater Engineering+
CIVE 916 Interdisciplinary Seminar in Engineering: Economic & Legal Aspects of Water Resources Systems

CIVE 926 Advanced Topics in Water Treatment

CIVE 927 Advanced Topics in Wastewater Treatment

CIVE 954 Advanced Hydraulics
CIVE 958 Groundwater Mechanics
Offered in the Community and Regional Planning Program
CRPL 833 GIS in Environmental Design and Planning
CRPL 870 Environmental Planning & Policy+
CRPL 871 Environmental Impact Assessment
CRPL 875 Water Quality Strategy+
Offered in the Department of Geography
GEOG 812 Intro to Geographic Information Systems 

GEOG 818 Intro to Remote Sensing

GEOG 819 Applications of Remote Sensing in Agriculture & Natural Resources
GEOG 820 Remote Sensing III: Digital Image Analysis

GEOG 822 Advanced Techniques in Geographic Information Systems

GEOG 884 Water Resources Seminar+
Offered in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
GEOL 884 Water Resources Seminar+

GEOL 875 Water Quality Strategy+

GEOL 888 Groundwater Geology+

GEOL 889 Hydrogeology

GEOL 987 Seminar in Hydrogeology
GEOL 818 Chemistry of Natural Waters
GEOL 870 Field Techniques in Hydrogeology
GEOL 872 Water in Geosciences
GEOL 917 Environmental Isotope Hydrology
GEOL 986 Contaminant Hydrogeology
GEOL 988 Introduction to Groundwater Modeling
METR 850 Climate & Society
METR 823 Physical Meteorology
Offered in the School of Natural Resources
NRES 808 Microclimate: The Biological Environment+ (AGRO, GEOG, HORT, MSYM, NRES 808)
NRES 810 Landscape Ecology
NRES 853 Hydrology+
NRES 884 Water Resources Seminar+ (AGRO GEOG 884, GEOL 884)
NRES 817 Agroforestry Systems in Sustainable Agriculture
NRES 851 Soil Environmental Chemistry
NRES 852 Climate & Society (AGRO, GEOG 850)
NRES 859 Limnology+ (BIOS 860)
NRES 863 Fisheries Science
NRES 868 Wetlands+
NRES 875 Water Quality Strategy+
NRES 879 Hydroclimatology
NRES 881 Stream and River Ecology
NRES 889 Ichthyology (BIOS 889)
NRES 908 Solar Radiation Interactions at the Earth’s Surface
NRES 954 Turbulent Transfer in the Atmospheric Layer (BSEN 958)