Graduate Council

The UNL Graduate Council serves as a governing body acting on behalf of the UNL Graduate Faculty and serves as an advisory body to the UNL Dean for Graduate Studies. The UNL Graduate Council is an elected body and subject to the authority of the Graduate Faculty.

The UNL Graduate Council meets formally as a whole approximately monthly during the academic year. The Council consists of eight elected members of the Graduate Faculty, two graduate students elected by the Graduate Student Assembly, and the Dean for Graduate Studies. The Dean presides at Council meetings and serves as its chair.


Members are listed by the year in which their term ends.

  • 2024: Katie Mowat (Graduate Student Representative)
  • 2027: Tom Kubick (Business)
  • 2027: Christopher Bilder (Physical Sciences)
  • 2024: Venn Jemkur (Graduate Student Representative)
  • 2024: Jennifer Clarke (Agricultural Science & Biological Sciences)
  • 2024: Laura Muñoz (Social Sciences)
  • 2025: Xu Li (Engineering)
  • 2025: Brenda Wristen (Arts)
  • 2026: Maria Marron (Humanities)
  • 2026: Elizabeth Niehaus (Professional Education)
  • Ex-officio: Debra Hope (Dean of Graduate Education)

Appointed representatives to the NU Executive Graduate Council: Xu Li and Elizabeth Niehaus.

Appointed representative to the UNL Academic Planning Committee: Jennifer Clarke.



2024                                                                 2023

February 2024                                                   February 2023

                                                                       March 2023

                                                                       April 2023

                                                                       May 2023

                                                                       October 2023

                                                                       November 2023