The Office of Graduate Studies provides timely and engaging workshops to support graduate and professional student and postdoc development.

Please contact Lisa Rohde or Deanne Sparks if you have questions about any of the upcoming workshops. *Denotes workshops that can be applied to CIRTL Certification.

TitleDate/LocationRegistration Link
How-to-Grad Student: Networking and Effective Communication August 29 12-1pm, In-Person Registration Link:
IDP and DYL 2.0: Negotiating the Long-Term Success September 6, 12-1pm, In-Person Registration Link:
Managing HOT moments in the classroom * September 12, 12-1 pm, In-Person Registration Link:
Using Art in Your Teaching and Research * September 20, 2:30-4pm, Sheldon Museum Registration Link:
Mentoring and Advising Agreements September 27, 12-1 pm, in Person Registration Link:
Supporting Struggling Students * October 11, 12-1 pm, In-person/Virtual Registration Link:
Preparing a Teaching Statement – Talking about your teaching on the job market * October 24, 12-1 pm, In-Person Registration Link:
It's not Resume vs CV, but Resume AND a CV: Strategizing Employment Documents Oct 25, 12-1 pm, in person Registration Link:
Managing the Load (and the Holidays): Stress and Mental Health November TBD Registration Link:
Being a More Productive Researcher: You Can Do It! September 21, Zoom Registration Link:
Being a More Productive Researcher: Find Your Scholarly Path October 5, Zoom Registration Link:
Being a More Productive Researcher: Use Productive Research Approaches October 19, Zoom Registration Link:
Being a More Productive Researcher: Write Like A Star! November 2, Zoom Registration Link:
Being a More Productive Researcher: Manage Time and Life November 16, Zoom Registration Link:


The Professional Development Team in the Office of Graduate Studies has identified a list of our most popular career and professional development workshops that departments, units, colleges, and student groups can request to be presented at organizational meetings or during a class session.

We have given a suggested time frame, but are able to adjust the length and content of the presentation to fit your unit’s specific needs.

Application Documents

Teaching Statements and Portfolios

This workshop with help you think about how to structure your teaching statement (aka teaching philosophy) as well how this might connect with your teaching portfolio. This workshop will help you brainstorm idea and reflect on your teaching training and beliefs. We can also review and edit statements as part of this workshop.

Teaching statement only (45 minutes-1 hour), teaching statement and portfolio (1.5 hour), peer review of statements (45 minutes-1 hour)


This session discusses the key components of CVs and how to format and organize your experiences. We will also discuss how these documents will be different from resumes. We can also review documents in this session. (45 minutes-1 hour)


This workshop will cover resume basics, where you’ll learn how to maximize every inch of space without overwhelming the reader. We will also focus on decoding a job description to tailor your resume for each position you apply to. And with a growing number of companies using application sorting software programs, we will discuss how you can “beat the bots” to land an interview. (45 minutes-1 hour)

Resume Revamp

During this interactive session, students will be able to work on their resume as we walk through each section as a group and talk about ways they can update it. The majority of our time will be spent on formatting, organization, and bullet statements. We can also incorporate peer editing into this session. (1-1.5 hour) 

Cover Letters

This workshop will focus on the purpose of a cover letter and how it’s meant to compliment your other job application documents. We’ll talk about basic guidelines and go through the four main elements each cover letter should include. (30 minutes)

This workshop can also be added to either the CV or resume writing workshops.

Diversity Statements

This workshop focuses on the contents of a diversity statement. We will also provide an opportunity to develop ideas for describing students' experiences with diversity and explaining their understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusivity in their work. This session can also involve peer review work (1-1.5 hour) 

Research Statements

Academic jobs may ask you to describe your research experiences and goals. This workshop will focus on the key components of these documents and how to explain your research experience to faculty hiring committees or for fellowship applications. This session can review peer review time as well.  (1 hour)

General Topics

Services for Grad Students and Postdocs at UNL

This workshop serves as an introduction to services from the Office of Graduate Studies, including workshops and consultations, programs such as CIRTL, the Teaching Development Program, or ITA, as well as who to contact in our office. This workshop is great for newer graduate students. (15-30 minutes)

Public Speaking Practice Sessions

If you would like to practice your teaching or presentation skills, you can request a public speaking practice session. During this session students will give a roughly 10-minute presentation on a topic of their choosing. Perfect for TAs, students who will be presenting at a conference, or students who are preparing for a job interview. This session is limited to 4-5 students/room. (1 hour)

CIRTL Overview

UNL is a member of the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL), and our graduate students and postdocs can participate in development opportunities hosted by and with research university across the U.S. and Canada. This session can provide an overview of the available programming and certification requirements. (30 minutes)

Career Development

Individual Development Plans

Creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) will help you prepare for your future, regardless of your career path. Begin to draft your own Individual Development Plan by outlining a vision for your career and setting goals to capitalize on your strengths and address your development needs. With an IDP, you’re taking a deliberate approach to increasing the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to advance in your chosen career.

Career Exploration

No matter where you’re at in your graduate career, now is the time to think about what comes next. With so many options, career exploration can become overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. This workshop will focus on intentionally designing your job search and exploring multiple career options using the five mindsets of design thinking. Participants will learn how to build their way forward and rethink many of the traditional myths surrounding career exploration. We are able to tailor this workshop to a specific discipline, and would ask that these requests are made early to allow us time to research and modify the presentation. We can also focus specifically on careers outside of academia during this session. (1 hour)

Academic Job Searches and Interviewing

This workshop would focus on potential career options and directions within academia, including faculty, staff, and research positions. Additionally, you’ll learn how to prepare for academic interviews. We are able to tailor this workshop to a specific discipline, and would ask that these requests are made early to allow us time to research and modify the presentation. (1 hour)

How to Prepare for a Success Interview

During this workshop you’ll learn how to prepare for both virtual and in-person interviews. We’ll discuss what to do before, during, and after an interview to make a positive impression on the hiring committee. Additionally, you learn about the different types of interviews you might encounter and how you can prepare for each one, strategies for answering questions, and how and when to follow-up. 

Mock Speed Interviews

Speed interviews are one of the latest trends in the job search process. This format gives employers the ability to meet with multiple quickly. Just like real speed interviews, each participant in this workshop will be briefly interviewed by four different Graduate Studies staff members. Each interview will last 20 minutes and will include time for feedback and discussion. This session is limited to 5-6 students. Multiple sessions can be requested. (1.5 hour)

Transitioning to the Workforce

For many graduate students, the shift from student to employee is filled with both excitement and anxiety. During this workshop, we’ll discuss ways you can prepare for this change and feel empowered as you embark on your new career path. Learn how to incorporate your transferable skills in a new environment, and why it’s important to continue setting career development goals. Additionally, you’ll hear how to hit the ground running during Covid-19, and how it might impact your transition. (45 minutes)

Other potential topics if requested may include: Teaching pedagogy (classroom management, leading discussions, grading and assessment, active learning, principles of learning), NSF GRFP applications

For workshops on additional teaching/communication development workshops, please visit

Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor

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For presentations about well-being, please visit

Big Red Resilience and Well-Being (students)

Employee Assistance Program (postdocs)

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