EHS: Secondary Education (BSEH) (Social Sciences Ed option): Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education (MA)

Current Undergrad Program

Students in earlier catalog years are welcome to apply if they change to an Accelerated-eligible catalog. Consult an undergraduate advisor about the impacts of a catalog change.

Future Graduate Program

Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education (MA)

Graduate Chair

Jenelle Reeves

Graduate Admission Application:

  • Standard Accelerated requirements for eligibility and application: See Accelerated Master's.
    • Important: In the application's Program Selection page, select from the "UNL Undergraduates: Accelerated Master's Programs" section — otherwise you will be applying to a non-Accelerated program (with different application requirements).
  • Specific to this program:
    • Applicants must be taking or have completed TEAC 451W at the time of application.
    • No resume or personal statement required.


See Accelerated Master's: plan your timeline, confirm your eligibility, and get complete information.


A student in this Accelerated program may count up to 12 credit hours of the following graduate courses toward both the current bachelor's degree and the later master's degree, subject to each degree's minimum grade requirements.