Accelerated Master's Programs

Accelerated Master’s Programs allow current University of Nebraska-Lincoln undergraduate students to take up to 12 credit hours of designated UNL graduate courses to count toward both bachelor’s and master’s degrees – accelerating degree completion, particularly at the master's level.

Student Timeline

Student's plans

Bachelor's graduation term:

Accelerated enrollment terms: Term(s) to enroll in one or more of the designated Accelerated program courses to count toward both degrees. Must have Junior or Senior standing in these terms.

Results for your selections

Well before _____ starts, apply for Accelerated Master's admission for entry term _____.
If applying later, consult master's department about whether there is still time for master's admission ahead of graduate enrollment in the _____ course(s).

Eligibility and Advising

Meet with your Undergraduate Academic Advisor to confirm your eligibility and timeline, and complete the Accelerated Programs Course Worksheet (PDF).

  1. Confirm your overall Accelerated eligibility:
    • Current full-time student in a UNL bachelor's degree program
    • GPA 3.0 or higher
    • Sophomore standing or higher
    • One or more enrollment terms remaining before bachelor's degree graduation
  2. Go over the details for your desired Accelerated program (see Programs below):
    • Confirm that your bachelor's major and catalog year are eligible, and for the master's program you want.
    • Decide which of the designated grad courses you want to take prior to receiving your bachelor's degree.
  3. Plan your timeline based on when you want to complete your bachelor's degree.


After you have met with your undergrad advisor and completed the Course Worksheet:

  1. Application: Complete and submit your graduate application for admission:
    • When selecting a program, select only from "UNL Undergraduates: Accelerated Master's Programs".
    • Upload your Course Worksheet and complete any other items required by this program.
    • List all colleges/universities attended and upload transcripts from any non-NU schools.
    • Include application fee payment (unless waived).
  2. Review: Allow time for your application to be reviewed by your academic department; schedules vary.
  3. Admission (if/when offered): Check your email for a decision notification, and accept the offer via your Decision Form.


After you've accepted the admission offer, for each term in which you want to take a grad class as an undergrad, once enrollment is open for that term:

  1. For each grad class you want to take as an undergrad, complete the Request for Grad Credit.
    • Only your Accelerated program's designated courses can count toward both degrees.
    • Any other grad-level courses you take may count toward one degree or the other, not both.
  2. Requests are routed for approval by the instructor and Graduate Studies. If approved, you will be enrolled in the class.


Select a program to view essential program-specific details for applying and enrolling.